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Every pet lover wants to help out local pet shelters. Oddly enough, many people think that the only way to donate to a pet shelter is to give money. This couldnít be further from the truth. While money is an essential need, there are several ways you can donate to a pet shelter. Even those with little money to spare can provide something their favorite shelter needs. If youíre unsure how to donate to your favorite shelter, follow these easy steps.


Step 1

 Donate supplies. Pet shelters always need supplies. The exact supplies they need will depend on what everyone else has donated. If youíre unsure of what supplies to donate, call the shelter and ask them what they need. This helps avoid donating unneeded supplies. A shelter may have all the dog food they need for several months, but may be low on treats or toys.

Step 2

 Give money for needed supplies. Money is often needed more than supplies because it allows the shelter to buy exactly what they are lacking. This money isnít just needed for supplies. Shelters need money to pay for operations and utilities. The items most people take for granted are the expenses and most shelters struggle with them..

Step 3

 Volunteer at the shelter. Many pet shelters are non-profit organizations. This means they must count on volunteers to do most of the work. Itís impossible to pay the amount of people needed to run a shelter. If you have free hours throughout the week, take that time and donate it. You could spend time walking dogs or feeding cats. There are a number of jobs to do and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Step 4

 Turn your home into a foster home. No-kill shelters have trouble finding enough space for pets. This means that they sometimes have to turn animals away. When you make your home into a foster home, you allow more pets to get the help they need. Taking in just one animal can make a big difference.

Step 5

 Adopt a pet of your own. Why visit a fancy pet store when you can adopt a pet? This is not only a wonderful way to donate to a shelter, but itís a great way to bring   love into your home.

What to Donate

  • Pet shampoo

  • Bath towels (new or used)

  • Paper towels

  • Toilet Paper

  • Dishwasher soap

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Liquid hand soap

  • bleach (typically the Clorox brand)

  • Laundry detergent (powder or liquid)

  • Batteries

  • Copy paper

  • Chew treats

  • Dog/cat toys

  • Dog/cat food/water bowls

  • Flea and tick prevention- Capstar, frontline (all sizes)

  • Collars

  • Leashes

  • Lawn hoses

  • Crates

  • Cat litter

  • Small gravel or sand for play areas

  • Kiddie swimming pools for the dogs

  • Rubber backed rugs to use in crates and kennels

  • Canned cat and dog food

  • Dry cat and dog food

  • Pooper scoopers

  • Puppy/kitten milk supplements

  • Puppy/kitten vitamins


Also consider gift cards as a nice donation, if you don't want to give cash or supplies.

  • Gas cards are great if shelter uses a van for adoption off premise

  • Wal*mart/ SAMS gift cards

  • Petsmart/ PetCo gift cards



If you would like to donate and can not make it to the shelters contact us at Loving Touch Pet Sitters and we will be more then happy to pick up your donation and bring it to the shelter of your choice and donate it under your name.


Thinking about getting a pet, Before you get a puppy mill dog think about adopting from a shelter. You can save a life!


Animal Abuse Hotline: 1-800-582-5979

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